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Drain Cleaning

Unfortunately these types of problems, stoppages, blockages and backups happen at the worst possible times. The Holidays are always a busy time for us rescuing homeowners that need drain cleaning, for clogged kitchen sinks, bathtubs and of course toilets.


Slow drains? Clogged toilet? Need your sewer or drain line cleaned? When these problems occur it’s not fun, especially when you have company over. Don’t be shy we’ve seen it all and can handle all those nasty drain & sewer problems.

Smoke Testing

Find leaks and get to the root of your problem with our non-toxic odorless smoke detection method. Smoke testing has become the gold standard for sewer gas leak detection as it is a fast, efficient and a cost effective testing technique.

Camera Inspection

Expert sewer camera inspections. Great for both homeowners, buyers, and sellers. We inspect all sewer pipes both interior and exterior and provide both hard copy reporting and dvd’s for review.

Drain Cleaning? No Problem

We’re a full-service plumbing and sewer solution. No matter how small or how large your problem, we’ve got a fix.

We’re proud to say Dr. Drain is at your service day or night. We have experienced plumbers on-call 24/7. From drain cleaning to emergency plumbing repairs, our carefully screened employees will treat you, your home or office, and the job with care and respect.

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