Do you wonder where all the waste water goes when we take a bath or when we clean our dishes? It goes through an underground tunnel or a pipe carrying drainage water or waste materials. These are commonly known as sewers and drains. There are three types of sewers present — effluent sewers, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers or storm drains. Effluent sewers carry solid wastes and sanitary sewers or foul sewers carry sewage from houses, offices, or industries. Storm drains serve the purpose of draining rainwater or other liquids from pavements and roads. Usually these drains get clogged by things like solid waste, hairs, plastics, etc. In that case, cleaning or unclogging of these drains is needed.

There are many techniques to clean the drains and sewage system. Cleaning kitchen and toilet drains is a very common household task, while cleaning storm sewers is undertaken by the city’s or town’s associated authorities. Traditional methods such as vinegar, lime, some chemical liquids, or plumbing snake will be helpful to clean kitchen and toilet drains. However, to clean public drainage system, sophisticated machineries and equipment are required.

Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Hydro-jet cleaning or hydro-jetting is one cleaning method to unclog the kitchen or toilet drainage pipes. In this process a powerful stream of water is sent through the pipes using a hydro-jet machine. The pressure gauge can be adjusted to meet the need. It may range from 1,500 PSI to even 4,000 PSI. This high pressure expels the dirt, hair, and other debris from the clogged pipes.

Benefits of Hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting is more effective than other traditional and modern techniques. Apart from removing all the clogged debris, it does not require harmful chemicals — just water.

Removes all the clogs: The hardest of the hard dirt is removed through the high pressure water stream. Those clogs that are difficult for even mechanical plumbing snakes to remove can be easily washed off by the hydro-jetter. While all other methods concentrate on a single part of pipeline, the hydro-jetter cleans throughout the drainage pipes, delivering the best result.

Long-lasting effect: As the hydro-jet cleans the entire pipe system, it also removes clogs that were building up that haven’t even become a problem yet — thereby providing a long-lasting effect with a good value for the money.

Safety: Chemical cleaners are usually very difficult to handle and plumbing snakes can destroy the pipes, but hydro-jet avoids both making it a safer approach.

More efficient: Hydro-jetting can clear any kind of dirt and debris and even the roots of trees due to its powerful water pressure. At the same time, your pipes are protected. The different attachments and adjustments that can be made to control the water stream, makes it more efficient.

Eco-friendly: As hydro-jetting only uses clear water, it is eco-friendly compared to the harsh chemicals often used for cleaning clogs.

Hydro-jetting once a year can prevent clogging and efficient working of the drainage system. The high-pressure stream can bring potential injuries if not handled carefully. So no one should attempt to do hydrojetting without training or assistance from a trained plumber for the very reason.

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